Choosing a Man Hoist for Hire: Equip Your Construction Site with a Builders Hoist Suitable for a Passenger

In the world of construction, accurate deadlines and reliable timetables are of paramount importance. Whether your firm works to build new commercial spaces or high-rise residential projects, clients have expectations that you must work hard to meet. As a result, ensuring that every job site is an efficient, well-oiled machine is a critical task. From receiving shipments of building materials on time to organising the work crews efficiently, there is much to consider — and that’s while the building is still near ground level. As you proceed upward, logistical challenges increase as well. Ultimately, the project will reach a point where it is imperative to be able to transport materials and builders to higher levels reliably.

Choosing a builders hoist for hire is the logical solution, but which product will work best for your site? Moreover, when a job requires a construction hoist, it is seldom used solely for moving objects to the higher levels; it must also be a reliable passenger transport. All the while you must be able to adhere closely to your deadlines. At Scan-Rent, we understand these challenges, and we bring our experience in the vertical access sector to bear on behalf of our clients. With a wide product range suitable for many commercial and residential construction projects, we have a solution for every challenge. Our goal is to provide transport for every passenger and all materials with safety and speed.

Robust product variety to address diverse hoist hire requirements

We primarily provide clients who require a man hoist with product options from three brands: RAXTAR, GEDA, and Scanclimber. For clients who must prioritise speed, RAXTAR products feature exceptional speed paired with a high-capacity. With speeds between 72 and 92 metres per minute, these Netherlands-manufactured hoists can safely transport your builders, or a large and heavy amount of material, up to the upper levels of construction with relative speed. In addition to being available for hire, we also offer these solutions for sale. Capacities extend upward to several tonnes.

Safety is always our top priority, from suggesting solutions to installing the hoist on-site. Be sure to be ready to let us know the type of materials or number of personnel you expect to carry daily. With this and other information, we can design and implement the safest, most effective vertical access solution.

Take steps to locate the ideal solution for your job site today

Reduce reliance on cranes and improve the flow of materials to critical areas of construction. With a builders hoist in place and maintained by Scan-Rent, crews can work smarter and harder. Do you need assistance with maintenance on an existing passenger hoist? Scan-Rent can service all brands, whether we supplied them or not. Provide your employees with fast but very safe ways to access the upper levels of a site by requesting periodic maintenance. To enquire about our hoist hire services or to request more information about a specific product, choose your contact method here.