Safe and Durable Suspended Working Platform in Melbourne

If you own a construction company in Melbourne, you understand the importance of reliable suspended platforms. Whether you work on residences, sky rises, or industrial complexes, you want to keep your employees safe while they perform their duties. Scan-Rent offers a wide variety of vertical access solutions, so you can rest assured that we have the suspended platform you need to complete your work in Melbourne and the surrounding area. Our products are certified to meet Australian safety regulations.

If you are performing work on a building with limited or no access from below the work-site, then you need a suspended working platform in Melbourne. These surfaces are held in place from above using thick cables and are suitable for tall skyscrapers and other tall buildings.

Why Do You Need a Suspended Platform in Melbourne?

For companies that perform construction work, repair, and cleaning on skyscrapers and other high-rise buildings, suspended platforms are essential. These products offer several benefits to assist you in completing your work quickly and efficiently.

First, it is a cost-effective solution. Building scaffolding from the ground up is time-consuming and expensive, especially if you are working several stories up. Our Melbourne options save you time and money in this regard as they can be installed in the specific areas you need them. Second, they are adaptable due to their construction design. Made to fit across nearly any façade, these raised level surfaces are the right choice for buildings which are uneven or oddly shaped.

Finally, lighter material is used in their construction, making them easy to construct, install, and dismantle, meaning you can spend more time working, which will please your clients. Our suspended platforms in Melbourne can support a significant amount of weight, allowing you to move materials up and down the building’s surface efficiently.

End-to-End Service

When you call us for a suspended working platform in Melbourne, you can be confident that you are getting excellent service. We provide pre-installation risk assessment services, along with installation, erection, and dismantling. Our years of experience in the industry allow us to perform our duties quickly, efficiently, and in a way, that ensures the safety of your employees.

We take care of the installation and erection of your vertical access solution to ensure nothing goes wrong. We understand working with these materials can be intimidating if you do not have the proper skills or experience. When we are on the job, you can trust that your safety is our primary concern.

After we have assessed the work site, we discuss your options, and after agreeing to the raised level surface that best suits your needs, we get to work. We deliver your order and get it ready for use. This saves you time as all you need to do is focus on how you will complete your work. When you need a suspended platform in Melbourne, do not hesitate to contact us; we have some of the most skilled and knowledgeable personnel in the industry.